Business Analysis

During my Marketing course in my sophomore year, I completed a group project dedicated to the analysis of the Coca-Cola Company. Specifically, I researched the variables of Coca-Cola’s success. The goal of this project was to learn how a company is sustainable and profitable first and then how the company grows. I learned how to navigate the International Directory of Company Histories, the Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands, Value Line and the Market Share Reporter as research tools. I assessed everything from how Coca-Cola builds customer relationships to foster customer loyalty to the impact of the external environment on Coca-Cola’s position in the marketplace to the determination of Coca-Cola’s customer lifetime value. Importantly, Coca-Cola’s global marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of their social media messages were researched and critically analyzed. I learned the evolution of marketing from direct to online to social media to mobile marketing and the application of marketing techniques and tactics to a popular and successful brand.